Aug 12, 2010

Having Fun with Bad Food

Fairly regularly this past year I've come across images of unhealthy and or unappetising food, whether it's the menu, the photography or the food itself, there's an art to spotting, recording and collating gross-me-out food trends.

Journalist Harmon Leon originally alerted me to the blog worthy subject of 'culinary-displeasing' photography with an eye opening article The worst restaurant food photography on Market St.

Leon inspired no less than 102 comments on this post and counting...In fact he also found the topic irresistible, serving up a juicy refrain San Francisco bad restaurant food photography rewind.

I've used Skitch as a 'captcha' to document an image from this article.

City Brights: Harmon Leon : San Francisco bad restaurant food photography--rewind

Here's another helpful site, 40 Unhealthiest Burgers

But this video below "Do you eat crap?" by The Pump Energy Food dishes out the best in bad taste.

You could create a #badfood hashtag and post your own discoveries on Flickr.

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Daily Food Trends via Food Channel