Oct 13, 2008

Food Trend Watching

Food Trend Watching

See if you spot the trends even before others...
Who uses Food Trends?
  • Food critics, restaurateurs, cafe managers, hotel executive chefs, resort chefs, B&B's, culinary institutions, scientists, home economists, cooking schools, food magazine editors, trend watchers, fashion magazines, Bloggers. But also economists, farmers, marketers and businesses associated with delivering, packaging, preparing and supplying food related industries.
Why track Food Trends?
  • Trend Forecasters make it their business to project all of the various cultural, economic and social factors into a concise package that businesses can repackage to consumers.
  • At this time economic and climate conditions will influence Food Trends possibly more than anything else in our lives.
  • Why is this? How might it affect your eating habits now or in future?
Where and How can I locate Food Trends?

The Basic Search Skills in researching Food Trends include Wikipedia, Google Trends, Google Image Search, Google Alerts, Google Reader (RSS Feeds), Youtube Search, trend forecasting agents, market researchers, favourite food magazines and blogs, podcasts and don't forget radio. Interviewing and polling live human beings is useful too!

Beyond Basic Search Skills will prepare you to sharpen your trend watching/blogging talent.

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