Dec 17, 2008

Coca-Cola craves health drink market

Coca-Cola could launch stevia drink ahead of FDA GRAS

Wacko! This is stunning news, Stevia could well be mainstream already. This is a tricky ingredient to balance in cooking because by force of habit we equate it to sugar-which it is not.
Use extremely sparingly like one sixteenth (less?) of a t spoon maximum. The thing is if you find the right amount you will have sweet baked goods, drinks etc fit for any diabetic sweet tooth. But if you over do it the over powering flavour could put you off Stevia altogether. Dont be put off! It is beneficial for you! A Calorie free sweetener, the benefits of replacing sugar are systemic. It reduces blood pressure and has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. I have yet to give up sugar, but if Stevia were more readily available commercially then I could do it.

Much sweeter than sugar. Stevioside, a chemical that makes up 6-18% of the leaf, is 100 times sweeter than a 10% solution of sucrose. Originally from Paraguay.

Image from Ecolibrary

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