Jan 23, 2009

Creative Commons Search Tools

Video by Justin Cone explains Creative Commons in 2 minutes.

Use this Creative Commons Search Tool to locate text, images, music, multimedia for your blogs, folios, reports etc.

Ive intended to integrate this into my Firefox Browser-an Open Source Browser, I just have yet to work it out. I actually alternate between Firefox and Flock because Flock is fabulous for social media and yet many applications have yet to integrate with it. It is essential to cross over from Explorer because Microsoft themselves admit that it is dysfunctional. However what I have found is a bookmarklet by developer Philip Newborough, Ive dragged it onto my Firefox browser and I can easily and much more quickly search Flickr for creative commons images.

Whilst you're exploring Creative Commons you may wish to bookmark their open education links.

Use the Link in the title above or in the Search link below.

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