Jan 27, 2009

Oh no, here come the Food Bloggers

Oh no, here come the Bloggers, originally uploaded by Brett L..
Why use Blogger?

Blogger Video Privacy Settings

You can use the Google Blogger platform to create class blogs. There are several boxes under settings that can be adjusted so that no one but your fellow classmates/teachers can view your blog. I highly recommend Blogger for Food Trend Spotting because of the interactive feeds, plugins, comments, free hosting etc but also ease of use.

How to Blogger Videos

Set up Blogger within minutes.

Blogger Features

Blogger is constantly being added to by a team of Google developers. Here are the current reasons to use Blogger for your project. Including customizable drag and drop templates, spell check, group blogging, post from mobile phone and third party apps.

How to Foodie Blogging

Inspiration to get you started.

Lesson Ideas

  • using Blogger and various search tools and resources identify and aggregate the new trends and distill how they affect children/youth. Include marketing and advertising, childrens health, school lunches, product descriptions, packaging design, ingedient analysis etc.

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