Dec 12, 2008

Food Trend Issues

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When researching Food Trends there are a number of topics that you can focus on to gather information. Some in particular might be significant for businesses to follow. Some are used by food writers in a particular niche. Chefs and home cooks may be influenced by all of these for economic as well as social reasons.
  • Packaging–the latest packaging design and presentation
  • New Ingredients-Use of flavour and emerging ingredients
  • Food retail–what’s new in the world of selling food
  • Beverages–inspiration from the drinks industry–what’s being discussed in the media
  • Health–food and health, what’s new, what can we be doing to promote health in our bodies/minds
  • Restaurant, Chefs and Food service–what’s happening on the global restaurant and chef scene
  • Emerging & re-emerging cuisines–the newly emerging cuisines
  • Travel trends–where trends are emerging and how could this inspire new ideas locally
  • Primary and agricultural–what happening at a grass routes level in food
  • Cooking styles and techniques–what’s the latest technique or style
  • Experts view–What experts think in their specific field of expertise
  • Non food–new ideas elsewhere that could inspire food trends
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