Nov 13, 2008

The Forecasts according to The Food People

The Food Trend Forecasts according to The Food People

•Environmental consciousness

•Health and Wellbeing-less salt, more fibre, more grains and more organic

•New World foods-Peru is set to become the new wave in ethnic food

•Ethical eating-fairtrade, airmiles and sustainability

•Ethnic flavours-Hispanic, Vietnamese and Japanese

•Water-expect to see water bars, water menus and even water sommeliers

•Speciality foods-more premiumisation/segmentation of the mundane (e.g. salt)

•Portion control-more small plate dishes like tapas and mezes (and izakayas)

•Dieting-dieting (and personalised diets) grows in regions such as China and India

•Provenance-ethical and wellbeing concerns push a transparency agenda

•Traditional eating-a rose-tinted view of food history continues to take hold

•Regional food•Seasonal food•Locally grown and organic produce

•Decline of traditional fish species due to environmental concerns about over-fishing

•Provenance –consumers no longer take their foods on trust

•Micro food industry

• Consumers are really starting to care about their food

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