Jan 12, 2009

Ordered Online Healthy Snacks to Your Door

graze - nature delivered

Nutritionist Roz Kadir says that grazing is good. She designs nutritionally complete grazing boxes preordered online and delivered within the UK. This trend is part of a mini-size me Trend.

Roz describes the health benefits of positive snacking. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers and could only eat what was available; they never sat down to eat meals as we do today. I like to think of snacks as mini meals that replicate the way our bodies were designed to eat and not just as treats.

Done correctly, grazing can help maintain your blood sugar levels, providing you with consistent energy throughout the day. If you eat very sugary refined foods such as white bread, pasta and cakes, your blood sugar sky rockets causing the body to react by producing lots of insulin. Insulin is responsible for converting sugars to fat and storing energy, as a result your blood sugar levels can plummet causing that awful mid afternoon sleepy feeling so many of us experience.

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