Jan 12, 2009


Image courstesy of TrendoScope_Levi van Veluw

TrendoScope is a trends discovery platform designed to offer the ultimate solution for Trends Spotting. Enjoy our trend spotting tools: consumer trends: Trendroll, TrendOriginal. Web and Business trends: TrendsActions, TrendsSpotting blog, Trendfreaks facebook group.

TRENDOSCOPE TRENDROLL DIRECTORY – Providing Trend Spotting Buzz Tools, Cool trend and innovation blogs

If you find you're enjoying the trend spotting rhythm here's a list of the top trend spotting blogs according to purveyors of trends and social media.

Food | Trendoriginal

Otherwise search Trendoscope's playful finds under 'food' above link. Trend Original are original Trends submitted by Trendoscope community members. Alternately you can view Trendlover's photostream at Flickr.

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