Feb 10, 2009

About this Blog

New Media Literacies inform this Food Technology Unit. See Video above.

These are the skills necessary to master the at times overwhelming inflow and outflow of information now and in future. "In a knowledge economy, the flow of information is the equivalent of the oil pipe in an industrial economy." Each person needs to be able to filter, assess, categorize, prioritize, critique, syndicate and synthesize content/information in order to create this flow. This Food Trend Blog intends to be a source for Food Technology students through which this synergy may take place.

Upon completion of this Food Trend Unit students will be able to:
  • Search for, name, describe, review, critique food trends. In addition students will do this through reflective blog posts, embedded blog widgets and video/audio streams, feeds in Feedly, comments on class blogs and international and local food blogs, microblogging using Twitter, critique news/magazine articles, explore browser extensions, locate and customise search tools and use social media platforms for market research and product development.
  • After Food Product Development students will be able to poll, promote, revise and reflect on their product development successes and failures.

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  1. Hi Ruth, thanks for commenting on my blog and thanks for you kind words. I like the idea that you are combining information about food and 21st century literacy skills in your blog. I think one of the real benefits of teaching with food is that cooking can be a real hook for the students that then allows you to "secretly" teach some other things. The kids may not know it, but they are learning to do all sorts of things. I have a class blog here that I use primarily as a way for my students to practice their writing, and I invite you to take a look at it. Any feedback or ideas that you have are welcome!

  2. Thanks Mark Ive reciprocated you've prompted me to start off with comments on others blogs before setting up any student blogs,cheers!


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