Feb 25, 2009

Upcoming Food Trends in Review

Image courtesy of Sixybeast Flickr

Here's a review of the 2009 predictions by The Food People, a food trends agent in the UK.

1. Comfort food
• Nostalgia, feel good foods, treats.

2. Scratch cooking and home baking
• Raw ingredients, cheaper cuts, more cakes, sponges.

3. Local (also see no's 6 & 9.)
• Local regions, traditions, ingredients, breeds and species.

4. Less protein
• Meat is expensive. Eggs are not, so eggs are in.

5. Head to tail
• Eating more of our fish, meat and vegetables and reducing waste.

6. Sustainable varieties of meat and fish
• – rock fish, gurnard, flounder, mahi mahi.

7. Changing drinking habits
• Drinking at home rather than out in pubs and restaurants, beer, cider and cocktails

8. Thirst for food skills and knowledge
• Entry level cookery schools teaching the basics and how to's.

9. Restaurant and farm alliances
• Restaurateurs partnering with farms (farm to plate) engender trust and local sustainability.

10. Miniaturisation
• Smaller – greater choice, less cost, more variety, cute factor.

11. More customisation
• Customised or tailored goods, products or services.

12. Health
• Instant nutrition, ultra low calorie, natural ingredients.

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