Mar 1, 2009

The Value Added Blog Post

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Adding Value

When posting to your food blog quality is important. The point is not whether you are a success to your readers/peers. What is far more important than your personal blogging style is the quest for quality. How can I make the information better?

The habit of quality is the habit of finding a better way, a better possibility, a better view, a better choice, a better alternative, a better outcome, a better attitude, a better opinion, a better life.

The net is not the place for the 'whatever-I-can-get-away-with' attitude. When you add your video, audio, poll, image, graphic, widget, opinion, review, product ask yourself how am I contributing and improving upon what is already available? Your contribution is indelibly inscribed into the data-stream. Professional Bloggers always return to posts tweaking to improve upon them. By your adding value to the whole we are closer to solving both global and local problems.

Thinking Coach/author/speaker Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson emphasised the 'Habit of Quality'
"Quality is better. Quality is improvement. Quality is general excellence."

Some questions
  • What is your blog's 'vision'?
  • How can you create a better vision for your blog?
  • What is better about your favourite Blogger?
  • How can you improve the overall quality of your blog?
  • How can you raise the quality of your posts? Be specific, make a list. Do one item straight away.
  • How can you raise the quality of your comments?
  • How can you raise the quality of your information?

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