Mar 30, 2009

Edible Gardens

Ann Cooper's essential TED Talk for all of the whys to get nutrition into schools, but significantly why gardens need to be a part of the school lunch agenda.

Community food gardens are flourishing as people the world over link food, climate and economic chain reactions, and where better than schools to implement these? For schools 'Edible' gardens are an immersible learning opportunity, linking health, relaxation, community and fun-for life. 'Victory' gardens such as promoted by Michelle Obama recently at the White House, were originally grown by citizens of the USA,UK, Canada and Germany during World Wars I and II.

My own local playgroup have recently successfully won a grant to create a 'sensory' garden for our young children while the neighborhood centre further up the road are also planning a community garden. We're thinking fruit trees including quince (hardy as) and scented herbaceous borders being careful not to attract the bees! But vegies will be a fully sensual experience. We'll start planting May.

  • The Department of Education in Tasmania are promoting a series of kitchen/garden workshops for teachers entitled From Seed to Plate.
ps Here's a link to a couple of gourmet vegetable recipes inspired by Michelle Obama's Victory garden.

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