May 25, 2010

Feed Your Journal Search - get journal feeds as OPML

Developer Scott Wilson has created this website that gives you an OPML of RSS feeds for online journals. Type your subject matter into the search box and locate journal feeds. I've typed in "food technology" to locate 9 results. I can now subscribe to these through Google Reader.

I used a screen catcher to preview this search for you. The search text box is not live.

Some questions

Locate an article (topic guided by your product development research) from each of these sources, 1 newspaper article, 1 magazine article, 1 website article, 1 blog article. Compare the content, writing style, verification of both url and author's authority, copyright, date last modified.
  • How are journals different from newspapers?
  • How are journals different from magazines?
  • How are journals different from websites?
  • How are journals different from blogs?
  • Why would you search a food technology journal?

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