Apr 1, 2010

Netvibes All-in-One Food Trend Search

Food Trend Search
Netvibes allows me to view all my feeds and search widgets on one page, saving heaps of time. I accessed this blog effortlessly from within Netvibes itself.

I have email feeds and I'm wondering now if I can embed them rather than opening up my separate yahoo account? Yes there' s an email widget!

I'm imagining a plethora of search feeds tabbed for easy access, just add pages for each search term, refine search by targeting your word for example 'organic food trends', 'pumpkin trends', 'dairy trends'. Alternately clear old keyword and add new search terms each time you visit.

What looks most juicy is their Netvibes Ecosystem claiming to be the largest widget directory, I counted 189,513. You can embed tailored feeds into your Netvibes or iGoogle page from any widget here. Unfortunately the code is not given so I'm unable to embed here for illustration. Also beware that you update any widgets as a few of them are no longer functional.

Update 25th June 2010. The best thing about Netvibes that I have latently discovered is their 'reader view' which allows you to view posts/news items in the chronological order that they come in. This is easily organised from the sidebar.

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