Apr 26, 2009

Ubiquitous Consumption

Image courtesy of Will Lion Flickr

The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0 Video

Some questions
  • Watch the video link above in full then replay. What questions does it bring up for food providers and consumers?
  • What is the ubiquitous web?
  • Can you locate articles that link with and explain this future scenario further?
  • Who does the 'Internet of things' best serve? How might it function?
  • How will accessing products anywhere anytime change food marketing? Packaging design? Farming practices? Transportation?
  • How will it change food production?
  • How might it impact on the environment?
  • Will it change human culture? Why/not? If so how?
  • Who else will be effected by this future web? In what ways?


  1. Ruth -

    Love the pic (Clay Shirky rocks) and love the associated assignment. You can share this story with your students. Two weeks ago a student was chatting with me eating a quick bite of breakfast. Not recognizing the food item, I said "what is that -- it looks interesting..." She grinned and said, "I'll bring you one next week". True to word, the following week she brought me in a doriyaki - an Asian wheat cake with red bean filling. It was delicious!! We quickly Googled where I could buy them online (she had gotten hers across town about 40 min. away which was too far for me to drive for one item) and within seconds, we found I could order them quickly and conveniently from Amazon.com! As we browsed the selection she shared other Japanese/Asian foods I should try, as well! Our cultural exchange that morning will be one I remember for some time. As food often does, it brings those who share it together in some wonderful way.

  2. Ruth -

    Not so much to be posted on your blog, but more information on the guest post that I wrote you about. How about if you send me your post any time in the next month. Would you mind sharing about any/all of the following?

    * What is the story behind your discovery and subsequent use of Web 2.0 technologies in your teaching and classroom? How did it all come about?

    * Have your students embraced learning via your blog? I notice that you often use embedded videos for extended learning. Have you found these to spark more interest and conversation amongst students?

    * Can you speak to how you are growing alongside of your students as you blog or as you explore other Web 2.0 technologies?

    * Are you fairly transparent about your own professional/personal growth when it comes to technology and its relationship to your profession? Do other colleagues see this -- does it inspire them? Do you experience obstacles?

    Okay - anything along this vein. I love what you are doing on your blog and the topics you're covering. Your students are very lucky to have a visionary teacher such as yourself.

    Best wishes -- Janni Black
    jdblack64@gmail.com (can email me your post when ready)

  3. I'm surprised although really I shouldn't be! 'Red bean buns' are one of my childhood reminiscences, I hadn't observed the name doriyaki before,thanks and thanks!


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