Apr 21, 2009

Twizza Hut

Image courtesy of TCM Hitchhiker

Tweeting Becomes a Summer Job Option - NYTimes.com
Today I found this link via @NLearning on Twitter. Pizza Hut is advertising a job for a Summer Twittern (a summer intern who uses Twitter).

This looks to be both a preemptive and defensive publicity move by Pizza Hut, following on from recent bad publicity wreaked by former employees of Dominos Pizza chain on Youtube.

Monitoring Twitter for feedback and simultaneously marketing in 140 characters job applicants must "demonstrate social-media skills through some kind of creative response". Pizza Hut anticipate plenty of YouTube video uploads from savvy students vying for this unique opportunity.
Some Questions
  • How does this reflect on your social media practices? Do you think using social media will assist your prospective employment opportunities? Why/why not?
  • How else might Twitter/micro blogging be used for food marketing? Give 3 examples.
  • How should Dominos Pizza have best responded?
  • Can you envision applying for work by uploading a Youtube video? Why/why not?
Lesson Idea
  • Create a 3 minute video application for your dream (hospitality) job. Who are you directing it to? What do you know about them? How can you further find out about this person? Who else might know? Who can you ask? How? What qualities do you think are needed for the job? How do you best meet these yourself? What qualities do you still need to develop?

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