Mar 4, 2009

A Customised Food Bar? C/o the Niche Web!

Image Courtesy of MontanaRaven

Customized Nutrition Bars - You Bar - Build-a-Bar

The current trend for bespoke and DIY customisation is the direct result of the web's long tail. The Long Tail is ecommerce jargon for how unique and individual products are served to the masses via websites. There are enough people searching for unique niche products that somewhere someone can cater for them and still make money. As well consumers and producers can collaborate because costs on the web are lower and both access and exchange is so immediate.

Amazon has this business model-they provide books that may only get a few searches a day but the totality of all those rare book sales make up the majority of Amazon's overall revenue.

In the You Bar DIY mass customisation business model, customers build their own energy bars. First choose the base from a range of nut butters. Next add up to 3 protein powders, 2 seeds/nuts, add dried fruit/berries, sweeteners, tasty extra options (chocolate), grains, fibre or vitamin infusions, special requests and many further customised options available.

Name your bar and receive a box full to give to your friends!

Some Questions
  • How might this business model be applied to your own food product ideas?
  • If this is a model that appeals to you then locate 3 more examples.
  • How might you take this business model Offline?
  • Does it lend itself to bespoke packaging design? How? Why/not?
  • What other questions does this idea raise in your mind? Note them down in your blog and go ask an expert foodie/blogger.

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