Apr 10, 2009

Locavore Lifestyle

The word Locavore was added to the Oxford American dictionary in 2007 after being coined in 2006. It describes a way of living where food in particular is primarily sourced locally. It's about reducing carbon emissions by reducing food miles where one local tomato travels 18 miles while one supermarket tomato travels 1600 miles. But it's just as important to consider how each food travels, for instance a train load of produce that travels 1000ks is more environmentally sound than a truck load that travels a few hundred kilometres.

100 mile Harvest web site is a blog about one family's commitment to eating locally-within a hundred mile radius.

Some questions

  • What other trends does the Locavore Lifestyle connect to?
  • Why is a trainload of produce possibly more environmentally sustainable than a truckload?
  • Name 10 local foods-meat/fish/dairy/grain/veg/fruit within a 100 mile radius to you?
  • Compare the cost of each to your supermarket?
  • Eat 3 locally grown foods this week and compare with an equivalent supermarket product? Describe and contrast the texture, smell, colour, flavour, look, feel, cost of each?
  • Why would you not engage in Locavore activities?
  • Why would you?
  • Can you see one aspect of your habitual shopping becoming local that isn't already?
  • Have you thanked a farmer/producer recently?

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