Apr 13, 2009

Realtime Goodtime Food

Image courtesy Ewan M Flickr

Recently I've found a run of realtime searches integrating Twitter that incorporate local search and food search but of course with the added dimension of community. Food and community, that's a tasty combo!

  • I've introduced the Locavore iphone/ipod app already so instead here are;
  • @Locavore who Twitter resources/ideas for sustainance and sustainability.
  • Aperitweat a Realtime Twitter search community for lovers of Italian food living in London.
  • Realtime search results on Google? A Firefox add-on uses the Greasemonkey script to include Twitter results. This is highly relevant for local and specialised search. To install follow link above and download Greasemonkey first as a Firefox add-on. This sits under your Tools tab in 'Add-ons'. Secondly use this link to install the Twitter/Google search script. The two synchronise automatically by installing the combined search results after you restart your Firefox Browser. Works well on Flock browser too.

Some questions
  • What does community add to Realtime Food Search?
  • What Twitter app can you envision related to food? How would you go about designing it/having it designed? By whom?
  • Why is local connected to Realtime Search? Whats useful about it? What's not?
  • How are you using Realtime search?

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