Apr 6, 2009

Locavore Locates Local Fresh Food

Image courtesy of Ron1478 Flickr

Enjoymentland » Locavore 1.0 is now available!

Buster McLeod recently released Locavore a "powerful but simple application for iPhone and iPod" that uses built in GPS to find the freshest in season produce nearest to you. This app merges health consciousness, local, and mobile trends with the trend for Real Time Search ensuring access to the freshest information. See also previous post about BakerTweet. It also links in with the Frugality trend.

Locavore partners with LocalHarvest.org, the Natural Resources Defense Council and "will continue to improve and be updated over time."

"Connects users to recipes from Epicurious and links to Wikipedia through a simple to use and intuitive interface... features fruits and vegetables with beautiful full-color images of each."

Some Questions

  • How might this app be of use to you? Who else is it assisting? Why?How?
  • When would you likely use it?
  • What other devices could it be integrated with?
  • What difference does it make to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables?
  • Why is 'local' important at this time?
  • What is Real Time Search? Why is it significant and why is it trending now?
  • What other iPhone app could be useful for Realtime food search?


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