Apr 14, 2009

Soul Food Cooker

In Kenya Jon Bohmer has created an award winning cardboard cooker that tackles seemingly every one of the most pressing social/environmental problems today. Thank you Jon you demonstrate how as we nurture others we ourselves are taken care of, by your serving up solutions for the poorest among us, all beings are sustained. This philosophy could well benefit economics and governance.


  1. Ruth -

    Your blog is quite impressive! I love what you are doing here - way to go! As I was looking around, I began wondering if you would be interested in writing a guest post for my blog. I've been writing lately about the need for educators to be transparent in their learning -- as they blog or learn about other web 2.0 tools. Would you be game? Let me know. :)

    Also, loved watching the above video -- am going to show it to my students tomorrow.

    Best wishes -- JBlack

  2. Hi JBlack I thank you for connecting, yes I'd love to! Ive been following a thread by Will Richardson on just that.


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